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The Balanced Spine

The Balanced Spine

Are you tired of the old snap, crackle, and pop approach to chiropractic care? We are too. With over 20 years in Chiropractic and more than 5,000 patients served, we dare you to leave stereotypical Chiropractic at the door… because you won’t find it here. 

The alternative to traditional Chiropractic has arrived

A Modern + Innovative Approach to Wellness

come join us!

It's kinda fun to shatter norms, right?

it's truly a win-win

Our sustainable method is natural + holistic, requiring 50% fewer visits than traditional Chiropractic or physical therapy. Our all-encompassing approach means you get your lifestyle back without any complicated treatment plan.  

Say sayonara to chronic pain and finally get to the root cause of your symptoms!

Do you feel like you've tried everything without seeing results?

Sounds simple, right?

One of the most simple yet potent ideas about health is that “Healing is an inside job” (BJ Palmer). In order to be healthy we need to provide our body and mind with the ingredients for health and avoid the ingredients for disease. We need to eat, think, and move based on our genetic requirements for health. 

“My job as a doctor of Chiropractic is to teach people that they have the power to achieve & experience true health.”

Hello, my name is
Dr. Sean Fryer,
Doctor & Founder

My job has two parts that I happily dedicate my life and practice to– correcting spinal subluxations and teaching patients how to experience wellness in their lives. 

I help people in pain get back to doing what they love without using drugs or surgery. 

So, where do I come in?

We are taught that we can do whatever we want with our health and when we experience painful or irritating symptoms there will be a pill or surgery to save us.

The problem is we live in a world of instant gratification and convenience 

Follow along as Dr. Sean Fryer discusses health from a holistic perspective with innovative industry leaders.

Begin your journey toward healing as you learn to balance everything together in perfect harmony. 

Discover the “Art of Alignment”





Let’s take a peek under the hood to find out!

How do you ride your pain?

Dr. Sean Fryer explains how he collaborates with the dental profession in order for their patients to receive optimal results with TMD. ​

tmd results

Here at The Balanced Spine, we value collaborating with other health professionals to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan that is customized to meet your needs. 

Spotlight on Collaboration