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The power of QSM3 comes from our unique but gentle spinal correction. The true healing of symptoms occurs when the body is in proper alignment. The Balanced Spine has developed three steps of care based on the science of healing. 

Our foundational technique, QSM3, is a hand-crafted, sustainable correction of your spine through a gentle, no twisting, cracking, or popping adjustment.

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What is QSM3 Chiropractic?

At The Balanced Spine we practice a very precise and corrective form of body balancing Chiropractic known as Quantum Spinal Mechanics or QSM3. QSM3 is unique to most Chiropractic practices in that it works with the bodies central balancing mechanisms that maintain a person’s abilities to function in a gravity environment. The QSM3 spinal correction (adjustment) is performed in the neck and is gentle and a non-thrust treatment which allows for patients to more easily assimilate to the care.
It is the feedback to the brainstem from the eyes, ears and spinal proprioception that allows the human body to maintain an upright posture under the constant stress of gravity. When this ability to balance the body is compromised a person’s frame breaks down and the spine locks into a stressed position. This shows up upon examination as tilted hips and shoulders, and often rotated hips and shoulders and then a spine that is locked into a contorted position. 
Most Chiropractors, upon encountering this patient will focus on restoring motion to the individual segments of the spine that exhibit the most obvious effects from this postural and spinal distortion. This restoration of motion utilizing a manipulative thrust into the spine is helpful in restoring spinal motion; however it often fails to address the initial cause of the body imbalance and therefore often fails to produce lasting results and a correction to the problem. 
It is typically accidents and injuries that break down the body, tear connective tissue and result in the spinal misalignment, and postural and nervous system stresses that create the misalignments that are treated at The Balanced Spine. Traumatic births, auto accidents and slips and falls can all be the initial cause of body imbalance and then repetitive stress, sedentary activity and further injury can exacerbate the body imbalance. 

How does my postural breakdown determine where my pain and functional problems are?

The most common symptoms that arise from body imbalance that respond well to QSM3 care are; head, neck and jaw (TMJ) pain, migraines, upper, middle and lower back pain and sciatica. Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue are less obvious results of body imbalance. 
At The Balanced Spine when we measure your posture there are clues to show us why you have pain where you do. As an example if we measure your left shoulder lower than your right and your head and neck are tilted to the left then the muscles on the top of your left shoulder are going to be under a lot of strain which can be painful and your neck joints on the right are compressed and this can lead over time to neck disc problems and things like numbness, tingling and pain into the right arm. These same things can show up with postural distortions in the pelvis, hips and lower back causing back pain and sciatica. Other times an old knee injury can weaken the leg and the body will have to compensate for this by shifting the hips and spine which can cause back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. All from an old knee injury!

What makes Chiropractic the preferred treatment for my problem?

What makes chiropractic the world's most evidence-based healthcare profession in the area of spinal neuromusculoskeletal health, spine-related functional ability, and spine-related quality of life is the unique focus on the importance of, and relationship among, segmental spinal motion, sensori-motor neurology, spinal neuromusculoskeletal health, and overall health. What makes chiropractors so uniquely qualified as safe and effective practitioners are their years of scientific education and clinical training. Chiropractors are the world's most highly trained practitioners regarding the identification and correction of areas of segmental spinal neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction (vertebral subluxation complex/joint dysfunction) and related overall spinal neurological and biomechanical functional losses.

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